Everleaf established in year 2017 March. In Everleaf, the user traffic is

increased at least 50% annually. During the MCO, our users' traffic shoots up to

300%. Everleaf start with a very humble beginning. Everleaf is a online groceries

marketplace that connect farmers to consumers, to let our consumers to know the

source of food. In the beginning of the journey, Everleaf approaches a lot of farms.

Unfortunately, this concept is new to them and they do not really understand what we

trying to do. Therefore, it caused us a lot of time to visit them many times to explain

to them the mechanism behind everything. Finally, we got our first 3 farmers to on

board with us 6 months later. The growth then starts from here, we have successfully

increased their income at least 30% monthly. Everleaf starts from acquiring chemical

free and organic farms to on board with us and now the product category has been

increased to health products, healthy snacks, poultry, frozen food and more. Everleaf

mission is to provide as much information to the consumers on the products for those

vendors onboard, so that the consumer can purchase without having doubt for their

loves one.

During this span of 3-years discovery phase, he observed that many local farms do not have the capability and resources to sell their fresh produce to consumers due to geographical constraints. Hence, the mission to bridge this gap within the supply chain through Everleaf’s online marketplace and fulfillment infrastructure which facilitate warehouse processes, including inbound and outbound shipments, item picking, sorting, packaging, and inventory storage.

Kuala Lumpur
From 1 to 10 workers

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