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Graphic Design

Graphich design Have Diploma Graphic Experience in related field Skills Must know Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop Know...

19 November

Programmer Assistant

Assistant programmer Degree Computer Science Must have experiences in related field Programmer language C++, HTML,...

19 November

Audit Assistant

Audit assistant Lelaki atau Perempuan Ada Degree Accountancy Mesti memperolehi CGPA 3.00 dan keatas Ada atau tiada...

8 October

Services Technician

Services tehnician Lelaki Spm dan ke atas Servis peti sejuk, mesin basuh dan lain-lain lagi Ada atau tiada pengalaman...

2 October

Medical assistant

Diploma in medical assistant Monitoring vital sign Dressing and blood taking Assist doctors ad hoc duties that related...

30 September

Office Boy

Office boy Mestilah ada lesen motosikal (B2) Ada atau tiada pengalaman boleh memohon Tiada motosikal sendiri pun tak...

11 September

Personal Driver

Personal driver Ada lesen memandu (D) Umur 45tahun dan ke bawah Ada pengalaman kerja sebagai personal driver...

9 September